6 ways to support your local girl gang

Tahoe University 6 Ways to Support Your Local Girl Gang


All this talk about Galentine's Day has gotten us thinking about how awesome it is to be a part of a community with so many amazing women, to be women running a store together, and to support fellow females making big things happen. From shopping at female owned businesses *hint hint* to volunteering and donating to organizations that create safe spaces for women like Tahoe SAFE Alliance, there's all kinds of ways to support your local girl gang.

But like anything, the best way to make an impact is to start with your immediate circle. That's why we came up with 6 Ways to Support YOUR Local Girl Gang by being the best gal pal you can be. 

1. Go on adventures 

There's a reason there is a whole movie dedicated to the importance of a Girls Trip. Traveling together, even if it's a hike nearby on the weekend, is a way to take time out of our busy schedules and routines to reconnect as girlfriends. Plus, the experience creates memories that will last far beyond that extra few hours at the office. 


2. Host weekly get-togethers

Whether it's game (wine) night, book (wine) club, Bachelor viewing (wine drinking) or just a casual gathering, setting a weekly get-together with your girls is a great way to stay up to date on everything going on in our lives before time passes us all by. It's easy to get busy and put off plans, but a set routine keeps us all accountable. Plus, it's something to look forward to among all of life's other responsibilities. We'll bring the wine. 


3. Share what you care about

From a cause that means a lot to you, an article you read that is super helpful, pictures of your important life events like weddings and babies, even that crazy celeb you guilty-follow on Instagram... sharing keeps you connected. The benefit of having a network of support is the shared resources help us all become better versions of ourselves. Giving and receiving support for the things you love is good for the soul. 


4. Seek and give advice

Naturally, we love fashion and we all have times we need help finding that perfect outfit. Sometimes the people around you know you better than yourself and know what will truly make you shine. But advice goes beyond whether or not that hat makes your head look huge. It's important not to keep big decisions and troubles inside or carry the load all on your own. Asking for advice is important self care and the best thing you can do as a friend is listen. And then when the time comes that advice is needed, giving advice is cathartic in and of itself. Speaking from your own experiences and encouraging your friends that you'll support them goes a long way for both parties involved. 


5. Capture the moment

But first, let's take a selfie... Ok, but seriously. Life is short and as we get older the times we can get together with our crew become fewer. Whether it's a group photo, or even a toast with each person going around the table sharing their favorite memory, take time to soak in the moment when you're together. Even if you're far apart and the group text is the only way to keep in touch, share collective life moments digitally and express how much they mean to you. 


6. Laugh!

This one seems obvious, but it's far from trivial. We know it's cliché, but laughter really is great medicine. It's science. With all the hard work, responsibility, and stress going on in our daily lives, laughter is critical to a happy heart. Having close friends that make you feel at ease enough to be yourself and laugh gives you a space to recover from life's burdens and feel a sense of renewal. And sometimes, when the load feels almost too heavy to carry, all you can really do is laugh. 


So there you have it. We're sure there are lots more ways to support your local girl gang, but the bottom line is to be there for the ones you love and great things will happen. When we all support and elevate each other, the collective ripple effect can move mountains. Just maybe not the ones around here because we kind of like them. 

We hope you support OUR local girl gang this Wednesday February, 14th from 5-8pm at Tahoe University. We'll be celebrating our galentine's with food, drink and shopping (duh). RSVP on our Facebook event and invite your friends! 



The girl gang featured in this blog post are, @brunettetahoette, @caripeta, @elysia.bianca, and @kathleenelee shot by friend of girl gang @jonathanherre.

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