4 Things We Learned From Wanderlust Yoga Festival: In Polaroids

Ah, Wanderlust. The ultimate yoga lover's paradise. From world class workshops, live music, speakers and all kinds of activations on-site, Tahoe has been looking forward to Wanderlust at gorgeous Squaw Valley all year. While Wanderlust as a festival travels to multiple locations around the country, Squaw Valley is inarguably the largest. Uniting the local gypsies with the casual enthusiasts, judgement is left at the door in Wanderlust: a peaceful, beautifully designed and curated event celebrating all things mindful and meaningful. We attended the opening day of Wanderlust, and brought our Polaroid with us.

4 Things We Learned From Attending Wanderlust Yoga Festival

Leave your judgement at the door. Yoga is meant to stifle the personal ego, and we quickly observed Wanderlust embraced this idea as well. From professional acro-yogis to those just checking out yoga for the first time, we saw it all. What's rad about this festival is the judgement-free aura you feel the moment you step inside the Welcome Tent. Everyone felt loved and accepted.20160720_020

You won't have to buy lunch – kind of. Many of the vendors on-site were food and drink vendors like Kashi and So Delicious Dairy Free, handing out samples in the form of ice cream bars and kombucha. One could technically get away with not having to buy food with all the generous samples. We still took advantage of the food carts (hello chicken tikka masala).


You will be sore. If yoga is your rest day, you'll want to think again before attending Wanderlust. These classes are legit, and not easy! Thankfully classes exist for all ability levels and you're sure to find someone just as out of shape as you are (when in doubt, refer to #1). One particularly memorable workshop was Yoga for Athletes, taught by Tahoe local inspiration Sherry McConkey.


Yoga is an essential part of everyday life. Wanderlust is an incredible, life-changing event for so many reasons, but the biggest is the simple reminder that yoga can change your life.



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