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We may be female-owned and operated, but we know that there are plenty of gentlemen in our lives that appreciate the same things we do. The modern mountain man has refined tastes, both for fashion and bourbon, and an active lifestyle that no longer has to hinder a sense of personal style. That's why we've curated a nook for the dudes because the Tahoe University experience includes a little something for everyone.




With high quality classics, like Grayers Flannels, and clever graphic tees that say what you're really thinking, our men's apparel keeps it simple. Both in the brands we carry and in our own Tahoe U original line, we always seek quality, comfort and style.



A common theme at high altitude is a flair for follicle expression. Facial hair of all varieties, especially in Nov... err Movember, is a mountain man's most cherished accessory. We carry grooming products, like that awesome shaving brush from Gentlemen's Hardware by Wild & Wolf, to keep your face as fresh as your outfit.



Most guys can appreciate a little hardware as well, so make sure to check out the trinkets from flasks and bottle openers to knives and belt buckles. With the holidays looming, these make great gifts and stocking stuffers for your significant other.  



Stop by our men's section next time you come by. At the very least it's a relaxing area to hang out if shopping isn't as exciting as it may be for the rest of the family. We'll take good care of you.

And in the meantime be sure to shop our online selection of men's apparel.



'Tales from the Till' is a blog series featuring stories and wisdom from behind the counter of Tahoe University. Say hi next time you pass through or email us at to tell us what made your in-store experience memorable. 

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