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This International Women's Day is especially exciting for us. This time last year we were just getting started with our business as female co-owners, so today gives us a special opportunity to look back and reflect on how far we've come, the community of strong women that support and inspire us, and look to the future for the work that is still to be done.

Tahoe University owners Erin Wilkinson and Marne Bormann 

IWD was started officially to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Today it holds more weight than ever with women coming together for powerful change around the world and lifting each other along with allies to strive for equal standing.

Here in our community, starting our own business together holds special weight. In a small town, we have the opportunity to support fellow entrepreneurs and inspire the next generation of leaders with even greater impact. We feel privileged to share the title of Female-Owned Business with many amazing ladies.


Larissa Martinez - Truckee Love

If you keep up with our posts, or even popped by the store, then surely you know of Larissa’s heart. We’re lucky to count Larissa in our #tahoeucrew, because she keeps herself rather busy running Truckee Love, not just a brand but a movement. Plus, she’s a mom and a great friend.


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Alicia Barr - FiftyFifty Brewing and Drunken Monkey

Starting a business in a resort town is hard, starting a restaurant is harder. Starting two successful restaurants is nothing short of amazing. Alicia, along with her husband, have managed to create two thriving locations that count locals and visitors as fans. And did we mention, she served as Truckee town Mayor? 


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Heather River - Bespoke

Heather got her entrepreneurial start at 16. She came to Truckee with her family with a vision to foster a community that supports the arts and its artists. In addition to Bespoke and sister store, Atelier, she and her husband have created a network of artists whose lines are carried in their shop, plus teach classes to instill a love of creating for a whole new audience.


Katie Shaffer East River PR

Katie Shaffer - East River PR

An East Coast transplant, Katie moved to Truckee with her husband after falling in love with the welcoming environment. She founded the thriving PR and marketing firm, East River PR, six years ago in the unlikely place of Truckee, Calif. She started out as a one-woman show with a handful of clients. Today, she runs a company with ten staffers, a diverse client base and a successful partnership with a major global communications firm.


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Kristin Krone - Wild Cherries

A long-time local, and two-time Olympic skier, Kristin had already achieved local accolades by the time she opened Wild Cherries. This created a strong sense of pride in her community that takes her business far beyond coffee and bagels, supporting a vast number of organizations in the Tahoe/Truckee area. These days she spends her time abroad, but that didn’t stop her from launching her latest endeavor, Bakery, a new artisan bakery in Truckee.


As we work to strengthen our own community today, we're inspired by the next generation of female voices across the country working for a better future for all of us. That is why we've felt a profound impact seeing the movement to end gun violence, led by Emma Gonzalez and her classmates, survivors of the Parkland shooting. We’re so inspired to see the power of their passion and belief in making our children safe, creating a widespread conversation that is long overdue.


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Many important changes throughout history have started with the youngest, often female, voices taking a stand for what is right. We want to join in these important conversations, because what we do today in our jobs and daily lives is far less important than how we care for each other, and future generations.  We are committed to taking steps within our own community to contribute our voices and resources to building that better future, and hope to inspire others as well.


We know speaking up for what you believe in always comes at a risk, especially when there is more to lose. We may be *just* a small business in a mountain town, but we’re also women, mothers, community members and part of a collective whole. We have never been afraid to speak our minds, usually with a little added sass, so we won’t stop now. Especially not today.

“Well-behaved women seldom make history”
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

So today we celebrate you ladies. Thank you for supporting us in our vision. For all the no-nonsense ladies out there, our "Unfuckwitable" tee, rocked by Tahoe U brand ambassador, Kanoe, is 25% Off today using code IWD25. 


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  • Ahh! Absolutely love this post! So inspirational and so proud of all of us Reno/Tahoe women making a name for not only ourselves but our community :) I started my Tahoe business with another unbelievable woman and it’s so exciting to continue to see female entrepreneurs killing it!

    Alessandra Ceresa
  • Congratulations to all the terrific women in Truckee. . . . .and everywhere . . . .for their love, compassion challenges and successes


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