Oh hey Bear! ūüźĽ

Bear Am I... ? Meet the Newest Member of the #TahoeUCrew at Tahoe University Large bear statue

As the snow began to thaw in our patio, we noticed a few signs of spring. Little sprouts of grass, the cobblestone, the sound of birds chirping. But much to our surprise, we had a visitor arrive fresh out of hibernation. He's tall, dark and handsome... in a hairy sort of way. 

TFW you just got out of hibernation and have no idea where you are Bear Statue unveiling at Tahoe University"wut"


We're not sure where this bear came from and he seems a bit disoriented from his long nap. We decided to approach him and see if we could get some answers. Sawyer charmed him immediately and gave us the thumbs up to invite him to the #tahoeucrew. 


Small boy sits on bear statue(sorry about the crop...)


Our bear friend very much appreciates the warm reception, but can't quite seem to recall his name. We offered to ask around to see if anyone has any guesses to jog his memory, and if not he might like one of your suggestions enough to take it on. Sawyer suggested Star Wars, which has a nice ring to it.


Bear statue at Tahoe University#friendshipgoals


Maybe this is his chance for a fresh start and we can all show him how lucky he is to have landed in Truckee. Aside from already making friends, he's looking forward to starting at Tahoe University partnering with Zoltar on customer service/security.


If you have any suggestions for his name, head over to one of our social posts and add a comment. Or feel free to email us at Aside from being a good samaritan and gaining bragging rights, there might be a reward involved if he picks your submission... stay tuned.

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Meanwhile the fine folks at Glacier National Park shared some fascinating info on hibernation that gives us a little more insight on what Mr. Bear was up to the past few months. You can even watch one of their bears on a LIVE feed (very similar to us on Monday mornings...). Perhaps this guy knows our friend.



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