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It's easy to feel a constant sense of inspiration when surrounded by natural beauty. Plus, there is a sense of pride you carry with you when you've been fortunate enough to experience it. Mix that with a free-spirited, creative community and it comes as no surprise that many people find their muse here and pay inked-homage to their roots with a Tahoe-inspired tattoo. 

We found a few that inspired us from here and around the globe. What inspires you enough to make it permanent? Show us your #tahoetattoos by tagging us on Instagram.


The iconic shape of the lake is rooted in all kinds of art around the area, and fusing it with the evergreen makes it even more special. The artist, @inked_wright, can be found in nearby Sacramento at Monroe


@freeorgy lake tahoe tattoo

Encapsulating all the natural elements, this framed window into the lake is striking. This design is from artist Pony Reinhardt, owner of @tenderfootstudio in Portland, OR. 


Sometimes we wear our hearts, nay roots, on our sleeves. This pine tree and cone piece on Tristen was done by artist Milo Alfring from Black Sage Studio.


Bear tattoo Instagram @aladdinhana

The bear is not only a symbol of the state of California, but one of Tahoe's longtime residents. This beautiful line art mixes this imagery with the trees and mountains, by artist @aladdinhana, who hails all the way from the UK


Instagram flower tattoo @happynalgene

The evergreen trees aren't the only markers unique to the mountains. The wildflowers add colorful punctuation to the greens, blues, and grays of our surrounding backdrop. The foliage on @happynalgene is as beautiful as her spot there at Fallen Leaf Lake. The artist is @_brucius_ of Black Serum Tattoo in San Francisco, Ca.


This simple banded horizon line is a subtly simple way to capture the essence of the area. Artist @jimmy_jumanji may be hard to book - he's all the way in Melbourne - but we can't help but be inspired by his simple, hand-poked tattoos. 


@mrtott tiny tree tattoo Instagram

If you haven't taken the plunge into ink yet, perhaps a tiny tribute is a good place to start. Seattle-based photographer, Austin Tott, took a series of photos of tiny tattoos in their matching settings. 


Heather put a bird on it, and upon closer inspection, this clever interpretation is something every local will recognize. The "cheeseburger" call of the mountain chickadee is a familiar soundtrack to summers at the lake. Her personal note on the inspiration that lead to the feathered friend hits right in the feels, and sums up the healing powers of this place. The artist is @ink.delusions.


Whether it's a bird, the trees, the mountains, the wildflowers, the bears, the stars, the snow... we all find a symbol that we hold in our hearts of this place, how it defines who we are, and the memories we hold dear. 

We'd love to see your inked reminders. Tag @tahoeuniversity in your #tahoetattoo Instagram posts and we'll share on our profile.


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