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Images via Lulu's owner 

This weekend we had a story with a happy ending that showed the power of community. Especially one that loves their four legged companions. 

Almost 2 weeks earlier, precious pup Lulu went missing. Her owners put the word out on the local Facebook group and within hours, folks were re-sharing, flyers were printed and posted, projecting the area she might be, and searching for clues. 

Finally, after days of searching and phone calls, a good samaritan, Rob, and his buddies were out snowmobiling and recognized the pup. They went above and beyond to track her down and bring her 10 miles back to cell service to reunite her with her owners. 

Now she is resting, seemingly without major injury, and her family is forever grateful. They are new comers to the area, recently moving here in August, and the experience has shown them how loving and supportive this small town of big hearts can be. 

We can only imagine how scary those few days must have been. We have our own pups (and strongly encourage dogs at the store) that are family. You can read the whole story from Lulu's owner in his Facebook post. 


A satisfied Tahoe University Customer

We found a few tips on how to make sure your dog is safe, like getting them microchipped and training them to stay close. And whether it's finding dogs, or new ski gear, joining the local Facebook group and Nextdoor is a great way to connect with your neighbors. 


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