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Sometimes it's the little things that make for the perfect gift. That's why we've curated a variety of gifts to grab for any occasion. It's not always easy to go shopping in the mountains, so we hope to save you a trip to Reno or time waiting for something to ship. Plus, we've tried to find items that are unique and full of personality, just like you. 


Gift items at Tahoe University


From beauty and grooming products from Jao to energy clearing kits for when Mercury is in retrograde, give the gift of wellness. Or perhaps there is a reader in your life, we have all kinds of fun books from clever cooking and cocktail books, to this gorgeous coffee table book from the iconic Skira and Rizzoli publishing partnership. Tahoe: A Visual History was created as part of an exhibition with the Nevada Museum of Art and serves as the definitive survey of art about the Lake Tahoe region.


Tahoe a natural history coffee table book from Rizzoli at Tahoe University


And no gift is complete without a card. Our card collection features an array of letterpress and fun typography that has a little something for everyone, even that NSFW friend. We don't always have something to say, but when we do, we like to say it with sass. 


Assorted gift cards letterpress typography at Tahoe University


So on your next occasion make sure to stop by and grab a little something for the guest of honor - whether they are a lady or gent, young or old, two legs or four, we've got the gift for them. We love to play personal shopper so don't hesitate to ask for help. And since you're such a thoughtful friend stocking up on gifts, we think you should treat yourself to something nice. You earned it!



'Tales from the Till' is a blog series featuring stories and wisdom from behind the counter of Tahoe University. Say hi next time you pass through or email us at to tell us what made your in-store experience memorable. 

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