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Make it Pop Tahoe University Interiors blue velvet couch orange shag pillow 

A pop of color goes a long way when it comes to styling your home. Color should never overwhelm your space, rather it should complement your lifestyle and more traditional pieces. A subtle dash of color helps create visual interest and accents other design elements.


Textured multicolor pillow at Tahoe University


The perfect cost effective (and cozy!) way to do this is with assorted throw pillows. They are easy to rotate and swap out from season to season, quickly changing the mood of a room without having to change bigger investment pieces like a sofa or a coat of paint on the walls.


Purple velvet throw pillows on tan linen couch at Tahoe Unviersity


The key is to find colors, textures and patterns that complement each other and the rest of your interior styling. While you don't want them to clash, avoid the dreaded 'matchy-matchy' vibe of a stock image. Like Stacy London used to say on "What Not To Wear" - it shouldn't match, it should go together. Much like accessorizing your wardrobe, accessorizing your home is an expression of your personality and it should feel natural.


Various indigo dyed pillows at Tahoe University


Draw inspiration from other elements in your home. Even if your style is more eclectic and mix-n-match, try to define a cohesive theme that brings the pieces into harmony. Here in Tahoe, one of the easiest sources of inspiration is our natural surroundings. This can often lead to designs going overboard into the 'cabin' vibe. Not everything has to be buffalo plaid and woodland creatures. From the blue of the lake to the summer wildflowers, there is a vast color palette to choose from. 


White velvet throw pillow on blue velvet couch at Tahoe University


One of the easiest ways to add richness to your home, even when you're on a budget, is to mix textures. Velvet is making a comeback in a major wayand you'll find in our store that we are all aboard this trend. From fur, wool and shag to rustic woven fabrics, don't limit yourself. While we love a soft plush to rest our head, not every pillow is made for nap time. After all, they are called decorative for a reason. 


Textured rustic woven pillows on leather sofa at Tahoe University


Mix shapes and sizes for even more variety. As you look to arrange your pillows, consider the long standing tradition of feng shui. You want to create that cohesive equilibrium among all of your design elements. That may mean symmetry but it can also be found in asymmetry. As with being too 'matchy' sometimes it's good to have an odd number of pillows with one outlier as that final 'pop'. 


Assorted decorative throw pillows at Tahoe University


Start building your collection of pillows that pop as you go along. Some of the best home designs are a curated collection of the places you've been, gifts you've received and pieces that hold special meaning in your heart. A throw pillow is such an easy accessory to add, that you don't have to have your entire vision mapped out to feel a spark of inspiration. You can always stash it until everything comes together. 


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