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Gone are the days of the mountain home being limited to antlers, bear carvings, and heavy, dark furniture. The modern rustic home is the meeting of nature's elements with a clean sophistication you'd find in Architectural Digest. The key to making any house a home is to infuse a sense of personality; an eclectic reflection of it's inhabitants that feels inviting. We think this can be achieved with an updated style that pays homage to the vintage cabins that define this area.

That is why we are inspired by Gus* Modern pieces that bring together the smooth mid-century modern curves and the textures of the great outdoors. We proudly carry several of their pieces, including this iconic partnership with Pendleton which *spoiler alert* sold out within hours. We were lucky enough to be one of 10 retailers in the Western United States to feature the beautiful piece.



We look forward to more exciting limited runs and collaborations, but that doesn't mean you can't find some of their staple pieces in our collection. The simplicity of their designs are timeless and allow for your personal tastes to come to life. Rich leather, chic black canvas and classic black and white tartan are some of the many textures to choose from. 



Our favorite aspect of these pieces is the infusion of wood in a way that is fresh and light. The delicate molding of the wood elements into elegant curves takes a staple part of the mountain home and brings it into a new era. We're surrounded by beautiful pines, so we can't help but be inspired by this element in our homes. 



In addition to carrying Gus* Modern lines we carry Cisco Brothers, Magnussen Home, DwellStudio and more for your living, dining and bedrooms. We also carry linens, throws, pillows and fine art to accessorize your space. We offer more information on some of our home goods online, and all of our home goods can be found staged upstairs in our retail location. If you are interested in our interior design consulting services please email us at 



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