Name that Bear!

Bear Statue at Tahoe University with question mark?

You may have heard about our new friend that found his way in to our hearts and patio. Sadly, he can't remember his name and agreed to let us help find him a new one. We've been taking a lot of great suggestions (Star Wars from youngest #tahoeucrew member, Sawyer) and are hoping you can help us narrow it down to a few top contenders. 

Help us narrow down our choices. Click the link to see the options and vote. It's not too late to add your own suggestion!

Help me pick a name Bear 

The chosen namer will not only be filled with town pride and receive eternal gratitude from Mr. Bear, there will also be a special prize for their civic duty. Details to come... 

In the meantime, get to know the guy a little better with a visit. He's very photogenic, and if you tag us in your pic together you'll get 25% Off a Tahoe U Original in-store. 

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