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Truckee suffered a loss this past spring that hit to the core of our community. Coach Bob Shaffer was a pillar in this small town, having an impact not only on his athletes during his illustrious and award-winning career as Truckee High School Football Coach, but also as an educator and mentor to countless students that passed through his halls. 

Having come to Truckee from the midwest like ourselves, Bob found a home here in this special town, building a legacy that would be hard to ignore. A family man ready to enjoy retirement with his wife, kids and grandkids, Shaffer was killed in a car accident, sending shockwaves to everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

Football has been a unifier in this tight-knit community for decades, with the years under Coach Shaffer considered a golden era of excellence. From fostering talent in youth that would otherwise be overlooked in a small pool of prospects, to always teaching humility and intention, Shaffer was able to create a dynasty in this unassuming town in the mountains. 

This fall, the high school football team has chosen to dedicate their season to the memory of the beloved coach, even though his memory would be impossible to forget. KOLO News paid a visit to the team this season as they share their thoughts on keeping Coach Shaffer's legacy alive and what Truckee Pride means to them. 

This year we had the privilege to contribute as a sponsor to the 101.5 broadcast, which makes it possible to catch the Wolverines season LIVE on the radio as well as stream at You can also stream LIVE on That is, if you aren't able to experience the action at Surprise Stadium firsthand, which is highly recommended. You can support Truckee High Boosters to keep the legacy of Coach Shaffer and our athletes going for many years to come.

Go Wolverines! 


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