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Text: Tahoe U blog Pass The Pillows Image: Chair and blanket 

We all know winter means skiing, snowboarding and snowball fights, but there's nothing more comforting than a cozy nap inside after a day of play. You may already know that we love pillows, some things never go out of style.



Pillows are an easy way to update your home's design from season to season, or even to match your mood. They don't have to cost a lot of money and can range from comfort to color, mixing and matching with the rest of your decor.



There is something about winter though, when the cozy cravings are at their strongest. Especially when a blizzard arrives: warm up the cider and hot cocoa, start a fire and flip on Netflix, because we're not moving for the foreseeable future. 



And if and when you manage to get out and about, you can take comfort in knowing your cushioned oasis will be waiting for you when you get back. Pull those boots off, sit back and relax. It's snoozing time.



Our outlook is No Bad Days. Whether for you that's a day of adventure followed by a restorative rest or you take no shame in lounging like it's your job, we're not judging. Most importantly, invite your favorite cuddle buddies to join you on the couch, just make sure to pass the pillows.


Erin Wilkinson, owner of Tahoe University dog leo


Treat yourself this weekend and come by the store to test-rest some pillows. A restful 2019 is on our list of resolutions we plan to keep. 


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