"The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn't pose. He isn't aware of the camera." 
— Patrick Demarchelier

Every adventure in life is better with company, and around here there is a special class of companion: our dogs. The perfect partner for hiking the trails and a warm snuggle in the cold winter months - mountain life is complete with our furry friends.

We love to feature these photogenic tag-a-longs on our Instagram, so we've put together a collection of some of our favorites. 

Dogs paddling in Tahoe with a stick


Teamwork makes the dream work and these two have a system working that we won't argue.



It's not drinking alone if a dog is there, right? This pooch keeps patrons of Truckee River Winery company while they sip local wines.



Stella has downward dog mastered, but might interrupt your savasana. 



As Mr. Demarchelier said, dogs make great models, even if they are blanket hogs.



Days at the lake? So fetch. Throwing a stick costs $0 so it's really a bargain activity to enjoy Tahoe.


Around here, every day is a chance to capture a memory because there are #nobaddays and no bad dogs. Be sure to stop by the store (dogs are always welcome) and pamper your pooch with some of our dog accessories because you can never spoil them enough.


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Instagram collage by Tahoe University @TahoeUniversity


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