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Say it with Sass Tahoe U Blog (card that reads I hope your day is as magical as my ass)

This content is rated S for Sassy and contains language your mother taught you not to use.

#%*$! Whether it's a stubbed toe or adding needed flare to storytelling, sometimes things need to be said with sass. We're guilty of a little too much sass at times, but we think a well placed curse word is just the spice life needs. And we aren't the only ones. It's becoming much more acceptable to let your clothing and home goods do the cursing for you. 


Overcusser Tahoe U Original camo raglan sleeve top on Larissa

To celebrate the arrival of our newest Tahoe U original tee that is especially autobiographical, our Overcusser Camo Raglan top, we're showcasing our favorite four-letter words (and a few others) from our gift section. 


Assorted gifts with swear words in the Tahoe University store gift section

Not all gifts need to be big to make an impression. We love these little pick-me-ups that pack a punch. Perfect for that special friend with a twisted sense of humor or your partner in potty-mouthing. 


Polite as Fuck mug available at Tahoe University Store

One particular time of the day where our restraint for foul language is especially strained, is in the morning before we've had our cup of coffee (or whiskey...). A mug that can handle conversation before we're ready for human interaction comes in quite handy. 


Assorted gift cards with swear words at Tahoe University

Sometimes your friends and loved ones aren't quite as keen on cursing, so investing in an S-rated gift for them isn't ideal. A card is an easy compromise for you to share your true personality with a more subtle gesture. 


I fucking Love You small dish available at Tahoe University store gift section

The thing is though, swearing gets a bad wrap. Yes, it's very effective in times of anger, but when you're a true overcusser like us, it can be the ultimate term of endearment when traditional words just can't capture the full depth of your compassion. A small but enthusiastic reminder is perfect for that person you just really f*cking love. 


Unfuckwitable shirt at Tahoe University

And of course, with the intense emotions that come with overcussing, sometimes the best way to wear your heart is on your sleeve... or in this case, chest. Our Tahoe U Original Unf*ckwitable Camo Raglan is one of our most popular. We know it takes a special type of lady to handle mountain life, so we're not surprised so many of you live by this attitude. 


Assorted gifts at Tahoe University

So while we encourage you to embrace your inner overcusser, we would be remiss if we didn't advise you to practice restraint: during job interviews, while in the presence of children, in quiet areas like the library or the waiting room of the DMV (which is especially challenging) and in mixed company. Introduce a hell or a** before escalating to a full f*ck. But above all else, be your d*mn self.

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(Have you ever heard a bear swear? Asking for a friend...)


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