Snow, what a beautiful morning!

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We've had a few teasers this season, but last night we got a true Tahoe storm. With nearly a foot at the store, and reports of at least 12" at Squaw and more snow possible this afternoon it feels like winter has finally arrived. We love waking up to a fresh batch of snow... and snow posts from all of you.


The excitement kicked in last night after gusty winds all day signaled a storm was brewing. Sleep is hard to come by in the quiet anticipation of snowfall overnight. Many kids hoped in vain for a snow day as restless riders said their prayers for the perfect blue bird day.



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While the kiddos had to go to school, the snow dances finally paid off. Even natives to the area will tell you that there is nothing more breathtaking than waking up to a world blanketed in soft white snow set against a crystal blue sky. It actually feels like living inside of a snow globe, which we can promise you, never gets old.



Thanks to social media, it's never been easier to share the joy of fresh snow (and #humblebrag to your flatland friends). There's time for unplugging and drinking it all in, but there's something unifying about scrolling the timeline and hitting like after like on the fresh snow from every different perspective.



With more and more of those nerve-shaken people seeking home in the mountains as John Muir predicted, sharing online has led to even more exploring offline. Destinations all over the country are being rediscovered by a new generation due to our interconnected world. 



This can present a dilemma as Bill Hayden from Glacier National Park points out in Outside magazine

“Technology moves in interesting ways,” Hayden says. “I guess our job is to make sure that we’re doing that in a thoughtful way, and hopefully we are.”

The positive is by spreading awareness, technology can revitalize the mission of the national parks, forests and protected lands to conserve this natural beauty for future generations. 


Morning views

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It's also made it possible for creative professionals to share their work and make a living while embracing life outside of a city. That work in turn is enjoyed, even if vicariously, the world over. This is helping to keep a love of nature alive and well, despite a constant onslaught of information and pressure to work long hours.


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We may not want to totally give away the secret that is our home (shh it's not that great... we lied!) or overwhelm it beyond capacity. Sharing it in a way that is authentic creates a sense of community and appreciation that is important to keep our town thriving. And hopefully when visitors feel a piece of home here, they are compelled as a local would be to honor it responsibly, as Yellowstone is encouraging through their #YellowstonePledge campaign. 



So we say, share away. Welcome visitors to join in the fun. But always take time to tune out the likes and clicks and tune in to this natural wonder. How lucky are we to have this oasis in the mountains to heal our mind and soul


Shake it til you make it #woof #derp #snowdog

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We owe it to those future generations to do our part. There are lots of ways to help, and one of the easiest places to start are those blue stickers you see all over the place. They aren't just a badge of pride, Keep Tahoe Blue has been working for decades to preserve this area. You can join the league or donate on their website.



Enough of the serious talk. Get off your phone (when you're done with this blog...) and get out and enjoy the fluffy stuff! Check the latest snow conditions around the lake at On The Snow. And if you're coming from afar make sure to plan ahead for traffic and road conditions



And of course, shameless plug, give us a follow and keep tagging us in all your amazing winter pics on Instagram. There is so much wonder around us it takes a collective to truly capture it all.


Snow day ☃️ #winterishere

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