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It's easy to be inspired at any given moment around here. From the postcard backdrop, the history of the area, to the eclectic people there is always something to spark our creativity, which makes creating the Tahoe U Original line of apparel fun and rewarding. Each piece, designed and printed locally, comes from our personal happy place. 

This week we're celebrating one of our most iconic and popular designs, our Retro Mtn. Stripe. We've done runs on t-shirts, big and small, but our latest iteration, a cozy crewneck sweatshirt, is especially well loved. The design is an homage to the iconic elements that define our home.



The peaks, reminiscent of Mt. Judah or Mt. Rose frame all that we do. Life in the mountains just makes you feel better. We can't describe it as eloquently as Mr. Muir, but we like to call it 'positive altitude'. We could be delirious from the lack of oxygen, but we think we're on to something.


Image via Jonathan Herre


The stripes are rich, bold, fiery hues that remind us of the vibrant fire in the sky we are lucky enough to experience twice a day (if you're an early riser...). With no city lights or smog to distort them, the long, warm rays stretch across our basin and paint the sky for some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets we've ever seen. 


Image via Etsy


The clean lines and simple typeface feel vintage like the throwback t-shirts you wished your parents had hung on too, yet timeless enough to feel new to you. And whether it's our bamboo cotton tees or soft reverse-terry crewneck, the fabric itself gives a feeling of a worn-in favorite. If you've lived here for decades, have been visiting since you were young, or are just starting your Tahoe tradition, so much of what makes this place special is the memories you create here.


Image via Unofficial Networks


We're all suckers for a little nostalgia, longing for simpler times without the noise of technology or responsibilities. And this place is rich in history, from the Donner Party finding their way out here for a new life (which didn't exactly go to plan...), to the '60 Olympic Games at Squaw Valley. There may even be a few ghost stories you've heard over aprés beers. This town may be small, but it's tales are tall.


Image via NevaSport


So like that crinkled photograph you have of your dad on the mountain, rocking a mustache and a brightly colored snowsuit, this design takes us back to a bygone era. And we hope a whole new generation is inspired to relish in the simple joy of mountain memories. 



You can shop this and all of our Tahoe U Originals here online or in our store. Some classics we reprint regularly, while others will come and go in special edition runs. Because we are a small business and print locally, all of our Tahoe U items are done in small runs, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you're always first to know when we restock favorites or introduce new arrivals. Plus you'll get 20% Off for signing up. 

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