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The key to learning any new skill is to start as early as possible. If you had the privilege of growing up in the mountains, you may recall learning to make a pizza... not that kind, this kind, plastic skis, the most efficient methods for layering your snow clothes for recess, etc. 

Out of the mouths of babes come some of life's most important lessons. We're going to share some of this wisdom to both prepare your future ski bum and apply a youthful perspective, no matter your age. (oh and shamelessly plug our precious Tahoe U original kids collection)

When the mountains are your playground, a healthy thirst for adventure goes a long way. In an age of screens and information overload it's important to unplug and live a little... when you're done reading this blog.


Life's a journey, not a destination right? (Unless you live here) That's the idea behind choosing your attitude. Life is less about what happens *to* you and more how you choose to run with it. But we think we get a little extra boost up here. There's something about clean air in your lungs, bluer skies and brighter stars that really shifts your outlook for the better.


What is life without company to share it with? To be a happy camper is to go with the flow, to not mind a few days without a shower, and to come together with your crew around the fire for stories and s'mores. When you take away the WiFi signal, indoor plumbing and a real bed, you realize it's life's simple pleasures that really put a smile on your face.


Borrowing from the Boy Scouts, this critical rule can apply to a myriad of things. But especially in the mountains as we deal with the elements, you never want to be left out in the cold unprepared. This particular golden rule is crucial for the future ski bum. Nothing ruins a day on the mountain quicker than being stuck on top of a run, 10 layers of clothing deep when nature calls.


GIRLS! Mrs. Carter speaks the truth. We may be biased, but as a female-owned and operated business we believe we're all in the good hands of future girl bosses. Life in the mountains takes grit, determination and, dare we say, a little sass that we think every little girl has inside her.


It's important no matter what you do, to start with a solid foundation as you approach your goals. Like the fundamentals of snow day fort building, it takes planning, vision and strong leadership to make your dreams come to fruition and to withstand the test of time. 


There are many more tips we could add, but we hope this gets the youngest class of Tahoe University off and running. We'll continue to share our TU 101 tips to help you live your best life. Do you have any words of wisdom? Let us know at We won't give away too many of the good secrets, but the best part of living in a community like ours is sharing it with fellow answerers of the mountain's call. 


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