Stay Cozy Without Looking Bundled

What's up powder hounds! In case you've been living in an igloo these past few weeks — which is entirely possible — you know by now that Tahoe has received the most snow for a January on record... over 20 feet thus far. When you've finished digging yourselves out and need a break from the amazing powder out there, we put together a little guide to help you keep up with your Tahoe fashion. These photos were shot by our friend Nick Sorrentino. Shop all these looks in our boutique!

It's All About The Layers

Believe it or not, dressing appropriately in cold weather doesn't always have to mean big bulky jackets. Pile on some inconspicuous under-layers to keep your body temps up so you can rock a beautiful coat over!

Wear Gloves & Beanies

Okay, so this might be obvious, but we cannot stress this enough... keeping your hands and head warm is essential to staying cozy in colder weather! Our favorite? Leti Kat emoji beanies which are handmade in Aspen and are our favorite accessory for this season.  

Embrace Aprés

If you're looking for a good excuse to enjoy a bloody while your kids are in ski school, you're in luck. Drinking booze will definitely help you feel warmer (but keep in mind it actually lowers your body's core temperature, so don't overdue it!). We recommend a glass of pinot at Uncorked in downtown Truckee, or ask the bartender at Moody's what their latest barrel-aged concoction is. Bloodies at Northstar are our personal favorite!

Keep Good Company

Snuggle with good friends around the fit pit outside Lone Eagle Grille or at Northstar's Cabana Bar. Single and looking to meet that special someone? Come to Single? Shop. at our store on Valentine's Day for free booze, treats and live tunes. Who knows, maybe you'll meet your soulmate in the dressing room!  

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