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Text: 5 costumes for when it's Cold AF

It's time to get spooky. This weekend, the celebration begins for one of our personal favorite holidays, Halloween. Whether you're heading to parties this weekend, dressing for the office or taking the kiddos trick-or-treating the day of, you'll need to be prepared with a good costume. It's hard enough to come up with something original, scary, funny, relevant, etc. and pull all the pieces together. But here in the mountains we always have an added element that can really cramp our creepy style - average temps in the evenings hover around 30 degrees. 

It's not too late to throw together a last minute costume, or add a few warm accessories to make sure the only goosebumps you get are from the ghosts... kidding, kind of. Here are a few suggestions from us.


lumberjack costumes women, baby dog
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We can almost guarantee you have a flannel in your wardrobe. Grab a beanie, suspenders if you have them, and a roll of paper towels. For added effect, you can carry an axe but we recommend a toy model... And if a lumberjack isn't your thing, here are 6 more costumes for your flannel shirt.


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The original layered look, you can keep all your extremities covered with this easy DIY costume. A classic scary staple, you can cut strips of a white sheet to wrap over your long johns. If you're feeling extra festive, tuck in a few spiders and other creepy-crawlies or even a snack for later.  


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This furry look is stylish and you'll blend in with the locals. Tahoe's true native, the bear, knows how to keep warm in the winter months. Plus, it will give you an excuse to eat a little extra junk food... after all you're just loading up for hibernation. Put on a fur coat or any brown or black jacket, make some ears out of paper or felt and you're good to go rummage around your neighborhood trash cans.


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A sure way to keep warm is to cover your entire body in a tight layer of spandex. Your ski season base layers like Hot Chili's work great and besides, it's time to pull them out anyway. Simply add a cape and mask, and you're golden. If you don't have fabric on hand, use an old sheet. Easily add needed emblems with construction paper or felt.



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Make no bones about it, we never met a skull detail we didn't like. This Halloween classic can be made with white acrylic paint or felt and some black clothing. Or if you prefer treats to tricks, perhaps treat yourself to cashmere. This bad to the bone sweater will be stylish long after the candy runs out. 

Good luck staying warm and festive this weekend. Tag us in your cold-weather costumes and make sure to have a safe and spooky Halloween. 

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