The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer Tahoe U Blog Summer Weekend Guide

 With so much room to explore around here, it's good to have an adventure buddy to share it with. There's no better friend than your four-legged one to appreciate a sunny day. This weekend we've got some ideas on how to have the paw-fect summer weekend with your pup.


Tahoe T-shirt for the perfect day with your dog (girl walking and petting dog at Tahoe University)


Here are a few items to get you ready to head out with your dog, plus we've got a few dog accessories in-store that are worth checking out. 


All the things you need for a perfect day with your dog at Tahoe University

1. Cropped Distressed Jeans by Neon Blonde available in-store 2. Satorisan shoes available in-store. 3. Truckee Love hat available in-store 4. Tahoe U Original Circle Mountain Tee $42 5. Tahoe U Original water bottle available in-store 6"Reserved" Beach Blanket by SIR/MADAM available in-store 

1. Dog Friendly Beaches

Dog Friendly beaches in Tahoe

Obviously, the beach is on the top of the list of things to do around here. But it's important to make sure you head to a dog-friendly location. lists the Top 10 Beaches in Tahoe for furry friends including Kiva (pictured), Skylandia State Park, and others. (Image via Trip Advisor)


2. Truckee River Winery

Dog at Truckee River Winery - Tahoe University Blog

Just up the road from our store is the Truckee River Winery. You can catch some sun, a game of bocce and a glass of their cold rosé, all with the company of your pooch. You may even be greeted by one of their own winery dogs. (Image via Yelp)



3. Truckee River Legacy Trail

Dog on Truckee River Legacy Trail - Tahoe University Blog

The Legacy Trail is paved and runs from Glenshire and ends (conveniently) near downtown Truckee. You'll take in views of the river as well as Martis Valley. You can stop at Regional Park for a perfect spot to throw the ball. (Image via Tahoe Truckee Outdoor)



4. PlumpJack at Squaw Valley

Dog staying at PlumpJack in Squaw Valley - Tahoe University Blog

Bring Fido, a website that finds the best dog-friendly spots, rates the Plumpjack Hotel and Bar in Squaw Valley with 5 Stars... er bones. You can grab a drink at the bar, and even stay at the hotel with your pup. (Image via



5. Truckee Tahoe Pet Lodge

Truckee Tahoe Pet Lodge dog enjoying their stay - Tahoe University Blog

Now we know this weekend is for you AND your dog, but occasionally, they might want a vacation too! They'll be treated like royalty here and you might have a few itinerary items that aren't dog friendly to take care of. 



6. Volunteer at the Humane Society 

Volunteer at the Truckee Humane Society - Tahoe University Blog

This suggestion is especially important. The local Humane Society is holding one of their general volunteer orientations this Saturday. It's a great way to get in some snuggles if you don't have a dog (or are thinking about adopting one).



Dog shopping at Tahoe University in Truckee, CA

And as we've said before, shopping with your companion is *highly* encouraged. You can check out our pet accessories, hang in the patio and we won't mind if we get to give a few ear rubs. Paws up for the weekend!


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