The last hoorah!

It's the last hoorah, friends! You hopefully have seen our moving announcement by now. We can't begin to express how wonderful it has been to hear from all of you wishing us well in our next chapter. It is a bittersweet moment for us to reflect on all the amazing memories we've shared. 

You've all come out to support us in our final months and there isn't much inventory left! Starting today we're putting everything out on the floor and marking it all down to 50% OFF until it's gone.


We also wanted to let everyone know our official final day will be July 7th. Is it a bit dusty in this old space? Either that, or we are feeling a few emotions as the sun sets on our final season at Tahoe University. 



We have much to look forward to and lots of fond memories to look back on. Our hearts are full so with that we'd like to give a big THANK YOU to every one of you that has shared a little piece of this journey.

We hope to see you all come by for some deals, to see friendly faces and to bid adieu in style.



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