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People often ask us "What is Tahoe University"? Our mission is to provide an elevated boutique destination curated with laidback, premium apparel and home goods, and to create a relaxed and welcoming experience for visitors and locals alike that honors and celebrates our community.


Tahoe University in Truckee, CA


Technically, we're not an actual university (no need to submit your SAT score), but we like to think of ourselves like a campus: a place to bring together a 'student body' community that can share in a pride and love for this beautiful place. So we put together a motto that captures what it means to be an alum:

Fresh air and fresh perspective
are our study guide,
Days spent catching rays,
nights catching up with friends.
The alma mater for all who
answered the mountain’s call:

Longtimers and newcomers,
Beer and bourbon drinkers,
Adrenaline junkies and lodge loungers,
Flannel and cashmere wearers;
All connected by a 5,817’ state of mind.

This is Tahoe University.


Tahoe University Motto


You'll find our motto on a beautiful piece of reclaimed barn wood created for us by our friend and longtimer, John Shaffer, as you step through our front door. We hope as it greets all our visitors, they feel a sense of belonging. We all know the beautiful surroundings are what bring people here. It's what inspires all of our Tahoe U Originals.


Tahoe University Tahoe U Original t-shirt modeled at Lake Tahoe


But it's the people - the collective 5'817' state of mind - that invite us all to stay, whether it's for the weekend or for the long haul. So if you see yourself on that sign, flannel or cashmere wearer, consider alum status officially granted. The only requirement is that you have a little fun while you're here.


This is Tahoe University Motto signage in Truckee, CA


Now that you are alumni, make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest products to show off your Tahoe U pride, events and news, plus special discounts for our #tahoeucrew with our newsletter. You'll get a code for 20% Off when you join.  

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