Thoughts On Turning 30

Laura Lawson Visconti reached a new decade this past weekend. Here she shares about entering 30 gracefully… but not too gracefully. Photos: Emily Cady


I’ve only been in my thirties for a grand total of five days. Good news: I haven't cried (yet) and I've brushed my hair (a couple of times) and I've eaten lots of kale (pizza). In truth, I've been looking forward to entering this decade for a long time. New beginnings and all that. It sort of feels like a New Years Resolution married a mortgage. The twenties are for making mistakes and learning from them, getting your first adult job, yadda yadda. The thirties? For embracing exactly who you are. And that's what I intend to do. Thankfully, I like who I am... although most of that has to do with where I live and the humans I do life with.


I enjoy living in Truckee for a lot of reasons, but probably the best thing about this town is the people. To embrace living in a rural mountain town — where getting a real job (let alone an apartment) is almost impossible — takes a certain kind of person. People here redefine authentic. They're just straight up themselves; no apologies, no excuses, no weird social expectations. I've been flying to San Francisco for work a lot lately (check out our airline Mountain Lion Aviation!) and have to face a tiny amount of culture shock every time I'm reminded it's uncouth to say hello to a stranger on the street. People in Tahoe, on the other hand? We look each other in the eye and say hello. People here aren't afraid to befriend their neighbor, or extend a hand. We actually talk to our Uber drivers — all five of them. This crazy winter saw tragedy, yes, but also beautiful moments of our community coming together and helping amidst difficult circumstances. I love that.

In addition to the fearless authenticity I see everywhere in this town, I am grateful for creative spaces in which I've been able to carve out opportunities for myself. That includes Tahoe University. Thank you to the amazing Tahoe U Crew for believing in me, supporting me, day drinking with me, and supplying my closet with a wardrobe appropriate of a 30 year old woman: classy with a sprinkling of sassy (or is it the other way around?). As I face my thirties head on and dream of the wrinkles and babies that are sure to come (I'm already getting the gray hairs!), I'm excited for the unknown... like how many PBRs will be consumed?

Laura Lawson Visconti is Tahoe University's Over Caffeinated Head of Marketing. When she's not posing in photoshoots on Donner Lake she enjoys eating pizza, snowboarding and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Catch up with her blog here or follow her on Instagram.

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