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 The 4th of July is the best day of the year around here. That is a scientific fact. We’ve got sunshine, a parade, lakes and rivers, and of course fireworks. It doesn’t get much better. Here are 6 steps to having the perfect, patriotic celebration in Truckee and Tahoe.


1. Get geared up

Of course, there is no better holiday to get festive with your red, white and blue. We've got you covered with Tahoe U Original tees for the whole family, plus the All-American staple denim is 50% Off in-store and online. 

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2. Firehouse feast

Truckee has a long been the ideal place to celebrate America's birthday. With a picture-perfect backdrop, the day kicks off a hearty breakfast with pancakes at the annual Truckee Fire Department Fundraiser. 

Image result for truckee pancake breakfast fire department
Truckee Fire Protection District


3. Picture-perfect parade

Then it's time to head to a good spot along the parade route through downtown Truckee. You can't really go wrong, but all participants perform in front of the judges in front of the Visitors Center if you want to see the main show. Get all your parade details on the Truckee website. 

Town of Truckee | Justine Pretorious


4. Float on

It's going to be hot, so next you'll want to head to the nearest body of water. From floating the Truckee River from Tahoe City to River Ranch, to festivities around Tahoe, both West and East end of Donner Lake, there's plenty of options. 

Truckee River Rafting floating the truckee river
Truckee River Rafting


5. Go out with a bang!

After a day in the sun, the grand finale of any respectable Independence Day celebration is a fireworks show. Do *not* attempt this at home. No seriously, don't. Leave it to the professionals that put on one of the most spectacular shows around over Donner Lake. You can even get a head-start tonight with fireworks at Kings Beach over Lake Tahoe. 

Image result for fireworks truckeeScott Shots Photography


6. Grin and bear it

Make sure you take a minute to stop by for a pic with our guy Bucky. He loves the 4th and the patio will be open and ready for visitors! We're just off the parade route, so swing by and say hi. 

Bucky the Bear in the WiFi-enabled patio at Tahoe University in Truckee, CA


Make sure to stop by and get outfitted for the 4th and keep the party rolling into Truckee Thursday on July 5th. Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and have a whole lot of fun. See you out there!

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