Truckee is always a good idea

Truckee Thursdays Tahoe University

This week we're excited to be out at Truckee Thursday. It's crazy to think it's been two years since our first one, and they're only getting better. This special edition of the Summer Weekend Guide is a celebration of the best day of the week!


Truckee Thursdays event in Truckee, CA

The weekly summer event has been around for over 10 years now and shows no signs of slowing down. Long-timers and newcomers can enjoy the atmosphere of community, creatives and food. 


Tahoe University at Truckee Thursdays Polaroid #NoBadDays

We started our booth not only as a way to get to know the community when we were newcomers, but to provide a space to come and hang out,  snap a pic and enjoy the vibes. 


Of course it's a great time to shop. From finding the perfect Tahoe t-shirt (might we suggest the Originals we bring over), to the wide array of local artisans and stores that bring out the best in the area, there's a little something for everyone. 


That's why we think #TruckeeIsAlwaysAGoodIdea is our go-to way of thinking. It's just that simple. From sunshine and fresh air, to good people and never ending activities, there are no bad days at 5,817'.


Bucky the Bear From Truckee at Tahoe University in Truckee, CA

We hope to see you out there tonight! And on your way make sure to stop and say hi to Bucky. He doesn't want to feel left out, but someone has to keep an eye on the patio! Don't forget to take a pic and tag him on Instagram


Truckee Is Always A Good Idea Long Sleeve shirt When You're Here you're home #truckeeisalwaysagoodidea

Truckee is Always A Good Idea Instagram Tahoe University @tahoeuniversity

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