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5,817' Takeover Tahoe U Blog Picture of Truckee artwork

This past weekend we had the honor of taking over @visittruckee on Instagram. We shared our #freshairandfreshperspective that living and owning a business in Truckee has given us! Our loyal patio security guard, @buckythebearfromtruckee shared a bear's-eye-view on downtown. Our front porch savant, Zoltar, gathered his wise insights and our #tahoeucrew prepared several #tahoeu101 lesson plans that we are here to share in case you missed it! 

Text: Truckee elev: 5,817' | Pop: 16,553 Since the mid 1800s, Truckee served as a major gateway to the west - attracting tough, pioneering spirits who built an authentic mountain town.

This isn't the first time we've talked about how much we love our town. It's easy to see why it continues to be a favorite place to find community. As puts it, "since the mid 1800s, Truckee served as a major gateway to the west - attracting tough, pioneering spirits who built an authentic mountain town."

Photos of Tahoe University historic and current in Truckee CA  

The first #tahoeu101 lesson in our takeover was in the subject of history. Truckee is a town rich with stories: from the Washoe, Shoshone and Paiute tribes, to the Donner Party and the railroad history, many characters have helped create Truckee’s tales. When we were scouting locations for our retail space, we wanted to find a place that would allow us to contribute a new chapter of our own to Truckee’s rich history. Our beloved building needed a little TLC but we made sure to keep all renovations close to her roots. With the help of the Truckee-Donner Historical Society we learned all about the building: from structure fires to Italian cuisine, she’s seen a lot! This Star Hotel sign used to hang on our building and is one of a few talismans we hold close to our hearts because it reminds us of who came before us. You can get the full backstory here. (Aerial shot by our friends at Drone Promotions)

#tahoeu101 tip: Whether you’ve lived here a while or are visiting for the first time, check out the Truckee-Donner Historical Society for more Truckee tales.


Zoltar fortune teller at Tahoe University in Truckee, CA

After we stepped back in time, it was time to look to the future with our front porch greeter and savant, Zoltar. Don’t let his deep voice startle you, his words are here to help. With the best view in the house of passers-by on their way to a hearty breakfast at Jax On The Tracks he has quite a lot of #freshairandfreshperspective but his mind is always on the horizon. Nothing is more important to Truckee’s future than community. To support the community, all proceeds from Zoltar’s predictions go to Tahoe SAFE Alliance, a community-based organization providing direct services to victims of intimate partner/domestic violence, sexual violence and child abuse in our area. 
#tahoeu101 tipBring a dollar and stop by to hear what your future holds. His answers might surprise you!


Truckee river and Donner lake in snow


We also took a moment of zen in our takeover. We snapped this picture of the Truckee River as we were walking along West River Street, just down the road from the shop. The hustle and bustle of being a part of the downtown commerce is always fun, but we are so grateful to have moments to step back and take it all in. There is something special about being in this neighborhood. We’re excited to see this side of the tracks continue to grow! Nothing like a little snow to slow down and take in the beauty of our surroundings.
#tahoeu101 tip: Start a day of shopping off on West River. With a cup of coffee at @darkhorsetruckee, order the “All Day Addiction” at @jaxatthetracks for breakfast and you’re fueled for the whole day! 


Tahoe U Kids at Alpine Meadows


One of the best lessons we've learned is to experience snow like a child. As parents, we love getting to watch the wonderment of winter through the eyes of our mountain kids. The most important reason we chose to live in Truckee was our children. We want them to grow up with endless amounts of activity and space to explore. These two astronauts insisted they were not at The Chalet at Alpine Meadows, but instead exploring the outer regions of the galaxy. Truckee, we don’t have a problem with that. Read more of the reasons to start them young here.

#tahoeu101 tip: Playing in the snow doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money and effort. We always love building snow forts in the backyard and scouting new hills for sledding.


Truckee Love sweatshirts and founder Larissa Martinez at Tahoe Univeristy

We wanted to make sure to share a little #truckeelove in our takeover by shouting out #tahoeucrew member, friend and fashionista Larissa Martinez, founder of @truckeelove. She embodies everything that is lovely about Truckee and we are SO thankful to count her as part of our team and family. As female entrepreneurs ourselves we think it is so important to support each other. Truckee Love is the perfect example of an idea that goes far beyond a product. It is a feeling we all share. Of course, if you want to own a little piece of it, Larissa hand-stitches these pullovers as a Tahoe University exclusive design we carry in our store #notsoshamelessplug. We’re so happy to carry her goods and to root for her as part of our squad. Cheers to our fellow lady bosses!

#tahoeu101 tip: You can find even more Truckee Love in their loft location above Ela Chapman on Commercial Row. Make sure to check out the #truckeelove hashtag to see all the love shared by #longtimersandnewcomers. Learn more about Truckee Love and Larissa here.


Tahoe U dogs out and about in Truckee


We signed-off on our takeover with one of our favorite parts of living here: hitting the trail with our four-legged friends. It’s no secret that Truckee is dog country and our pooches make the ideal trail partners. One of our favorite spots to hit is the Pioneer Trail. Our warehouse is nearby, so after we grab a juice @themilljuiceshop we can head over for a good little workout. Plus, in the summers it’s a great way to get downtown for #TruckeeThursdays.

#tahoeu101 tip: In addition to taking the Pioneer Trail to town or up to Tahoe Donner, we love taking the Legacy Trail from Glenshire all the way into town (conveniently ending up right near Tahoe University hint hint - the store is dog-friendly!)


Bucky the Bear from Truckee statue at Tahoe University

Thank you again @visittruckee for having us takeover last weekend. We had so much fun sharing some of our favorite things. We’re so lucky we’re in Truckee! We hope to see more of your faces this season, and in the meantime Bucky will be keeping an eye on things and expanding our #tahoeu101 curriculum for the next session. 


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