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Answer: The coolest. (That is aside from being Ice Cold, which we know a thing or two about). The Matador Network released their list of The 21 Coolest Ski Towns in North America for 2018 as part of their travelstoke experience. The towns selected to this coveted list are places you not only want to visit, they'll make you wish you lived there (that is, if you don’t already). The judges make the obvious assertion that "life gets more kickass at elevation". Tell us something we don't know...

People spending time at the fire pit Northstar Resort

Criteria for this list obviously included local terrain and number of resorts in the area, but even more important is the story each of these towns has to tell. Today travelers as well as those thinking about permanent residence in the mountains are seeking authenticity and simplicity to escape the hustle and grind of busier lifestyles, career pressure and digital sensory overload. The call of the mountains is less about luxury and more about character.

3 Women take a selfie in front of the Truckee mural painting at the local post office

That is why it comes to no surprise to us that coming in at #1... drumroll please... is Truckee, CA! We all know our hometown offers something that's hard to even put into words (but we don't mind using more than a few to brag at any given opportunity). With over a half dozen resorts in close proximity and a mellow vibe it's no wonder it's beloved by California residents and beyond. Famed for hosting the Olympics and raising entire teams worth of outdoor athletes, there's just something in the air up here.

Arial drone photograph above Tahoe University in Truckee, CA


Check out the rest of the list here, and feel free to continue to #humblebrag about our jewel of the West to anyone within earshot. And while you're at it, there's no better way to flex your Truckee pride than letting your clothes do the talking. Our Tahoe U original 'Truckee is Always a Good Idea' tee is pretty hard to argue with. Available in long sleeve just in time for the cold in-store and online.

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