Truckee: When you're here, you're happy

It's no secret that we love where we live. Truckee is the gem of the Sierra and our personal happy place. 


From fresh air and sunshine, to trails and lakes, there is an abundance of naturally therapeutic elements here. 


But as we always say, it's the people that make this place especially great. We're transplants here, and immediately felt a sense of warmth and community when we arrived.


The pace of life may be a little slower than the city, but it sure is sweeter. Around here we take the time to admire a beautiful sunset, or to stop and chat with a friend you bump into out and about. 


That is why we're excited to share our newest arrivals to show off your Truckee pride. Mugs and tote are both available in-store. For our friends far away, please call to order. 


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