Who's that bear... it's BUCKY!

Introducing Bucky the Bear from Truckee at Tahoe University Bear Statue

Drumroll please... the name of our beloved patio security detail and customer relations guru is.... BUCKY! After much deliberation and consideration over the many amazing names recommended by you all, Bucky was the one that stuck. 


Bear Statue in Truckee, CA at Tahoe University wear Tahoe hat

Nominated by Truckee local and our neighbor down at Tahoe Sports Hub, Wrenn Johns, in honor of her dad, Bucky, the name stood out to us as well as our voters. Bucky Johns himself gave a stamp of approval. He did make sure to clarify though that he is not, in fact, an actual bear. 


Bear Statue at Tahoe University in Truckee, CA

And as luck would have it in this small town, Mr. Johns wasn't even the only dad named Bucky in the mix. Our friend Kathleen also nominated her dad Bucky Lee, a longtime Truckee local. It makes sense that the name fits our guy, given that his namesakes share a wealth of wisdom, love of the great outdoors, and have passed down the importance of community to the next generation. And of course, they give great hugs. 


Posing for photos with Bucky the Bear statue at Tahoe University in Truckee, CA

Bucky (the bear) has been enjoying his post in the patio, especially now that the sun has come out to stay awhile. He's already made a lot of friends and looks forward to greeting the many faces that will stop by to shop and pass along West River Street this summer. 


Bucky the Bear Statue in Truckee, CA at Tahoe University

 To celebrate the warm reception he's received and introduce himself to the community, we'll be hosting a party in our patio next Thursday (6/14) as the town kicks off the first Truckee Thursday of the year.


Make sure to swing by and say hi. Bucky is very photogenic... so take a pic and tag him on Instagram

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