Zoltar sees Big adventure in your future 🔮

Unless you just fell off the turnip truck (or were born after 1990) you know the scene from one of the most iconic films of the last few decades: “Big,” starring Tom Hanks - as he navigates New York as a 13-year-old trapped in an adult body. He finds himself in this scenario after visiting a mystical fortune teller machine, Zoltar, down on the pier.

Zoltar has become quite an icon himself with a cult-like following across the globe. Zoltar has been popping up in all kinds of unlikely places, sharing his wisdom with wayward travelers. Mr. Hanks himself even caught up with his old 'friend' on “The Late Show” last year.

Now you can find him right here in Truckee, Calif. at our store. Outfitted in his Tahoe U original, he'll guide you along your journey in exchange for $1. Zoltar is not only a soothsayer, he is a philanthropist. One-hundred percent of his proceeds will go to local nonprofits. This month's featured cause is Tahoe SAFE Alliance.

Zoltar wows the Wine, Walk & Shop crowd

Come by the store and get your fortune, if you dare. Make sure to tag @tahoeuniversity in your pics with Zoltar and use the hashtag #zoltarspeaks to see all the places he's been spotted on Instagram.


'Tales from the Till' is a blog series featuring stories and wisdom from behind the counter of Tahoe University. Say hi next time you pass through or email us at to tell us what made your in-store experience memorable.

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